How to boost a post on Instagram: Definitive guide

Created on 23 October, 2023Social Media • 3 minutes read

Master Instagram marketing with our definitive guide on how to effectively boost a post and increase your visibility and engagement.

How to boost a post on Instagram: Definitive guide

Creating engaging content regularly is not a walk in the park; it needs a good deal of time and budget. So, when a post doesn't get the traction it deserves, it's downright frustrating. That's where strategic content promotion comes in. 

Whether you're looking to monetize your Instagram through brand sponsorships or to drive more eyeballs to your e-commerce site, you'd need a larger audience base for that. Read on to understand how to power-boost your post on Instagram and reach more users to make the most out of your promotion budget. 

So, how does Instagram promotion function?

Promoting Instagram is social media marketing that turns simple content into paid promotions. When you shell out money to boost a post, it appears in feeds, stories, and Explore pages of those who don't follow you. This paid advertisement exposes your content to a wider audience, something like a billboard on a busy highway.

You can customize your Instagram ad for specific audiences based on their location, age, and other specifications. This ensures that promoted content resonates with the receivers, acting like arrows hitting the bull's eye. Such posts serve many marketing goals, like directing potential customers to external platforms, boosting brand awareness, and enhancing conversions. 

Wondering what types of Instagram content you can promote? Well, everything! Be it photos, reel, stories, carousels, or shoppable posts with product tags.

Wondering about the steps to boost a post on Instagram? Follow these easy steps and convert any content piece into an ad:

  • Open the Instagram app and visit your profile page.
  • Choose the content you want to promote and tap on the "Boost post" button.
  • Select your objective: Do you want more profile visits, website visits, or messages?
  • Define your audience (either automatic or customized)
  • Set your budget and duration
  • Review beneficiary and payer, and then press "Confirm"

Voila! Your post is now under review from the Instagram team before it goes live. The best part? You can pause your ad anytime, stopping both its promotion and payment.

If you are unable to boost a post or create a promotion, it could either be because you're not using a professional Instagram account, or you’re not the page’s admin. The solution for these issues is to convert your account into a professional one, and if you're not the admin, ask the Facebook page admin to upgrade your status for full access.

Boosting posts can offer significant benefits unless you manage to go viral. Here are some advantages:

  • Heightened brand visibility: Even high-quality content sometimes needs a push to get the attention it deserves. Promoted content broadens your reach and exposes your brand to new audiences.
  • More traffic: You can add links to your promotions to guide traffic to your blog or online shop.
  • Increased engagement: As your content reaches more people, it has the potential to get more likes, shares, and comments.
  • Advanced targeting: You can tweak parameters to reach your target market while creating an Instagram promotion.

Finally, here are our winning tips to amplify your Instagram post effectively:

  1. Understand your target audience
  2. Choose a high-quality and informative piece of content
  3. Boost top-performing posts
  4. Utilize carousel posts
  5. Beautify your landing pages
  6. Use product tags
  7. Promote a giveaway

Boosting your posts on Instagram is a surefire way to increase brand visibility and engagement. Be ready to use all the social media tricks you know and make clever use of platforms like Facebook and Instagram to grow your brand. You can also try switching up your Instagram bio and optimize your link in bio with linkfree to direct visitors to every crucial brand platform

Remember, a rolling stone gathers no moss. So, keep your brand rolling with new and exciting content. Happy promoting!

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