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How to create link in bio for Instagram and TikTok

With the growth of companies and influencers in the digital environment, the need for them to direct their followers to some place where they can deliver all their content and also show links to actions has grown.

These links are usually the so-called bio links, or bio links, as some call them. These pages can usually be created by anyone, and their biggest feature is that they open quickly in the user’s browser, as they are optimized for mobile. See the score a page achieves on GTMetrix:

Now that you know what a bio link page is, let’s show you how to create one.

To create your page you will follow the 5 steps below:

  1. Create an account at Linkfree for free;
  2. Create your first page;
  3. Customize;
  4. Insert blocks;
  5. Post and put the link in the bio.

Create an account on Linkfree

Enter the Linkfree website and click the Register button. There we only ask for your name, email and to create a password, or you can also log in with your Google or Facebook account.

Create your first page

Upon entering your login and password, you will see a panel like the one below. Go to “Create link”, then “Biolink page”.

A screen will then open where you can choose the name of your page, which will look like this of your page. If you click “create” without putting any name, the platform will create a name and you can see it in the corner of the screen.


Give wings to your imagination and customize the colors, use a gradient, or also a background image. Your creativity will be crucial. Customize your page’s fonts and SEO .


Insert the blocks

Next to “settings” where you previously customized the background, click “Blocks”. Then click “Add block” and you will see this screen below. with all the blocks you can use on your page.

After inserting the blocks, you will need to save each one after editing, pay close attention to that. Once you’re done and you’re satisfied, copy the link and paste it in your Instagram bio, TikTok, or other social network you prefer.

Don’t forget that at Linkfree, you have a panel where you can track the hits you have on your page, from the number of visitors, their location, devices, and much more.

I recommend watching the video below to follow the step by step. The video is in Portuguese, but you can click on subtitles and watch this video in your language.

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